Geeking Out

  • Some of our favorite action ladies (Danai Gurira, Maggie Q, Michelle Rodriguez, to name a few) got together for the “Women Who Kick Ass” Comic Con panel, held in the acclaimed Hall H, the convention’s largest venue.
  • Grantland had a darker recap, touching on some serious problems within nerd culture, especially in regards to audience behavior (and borderline heckling) towards the panelists listed above.
  • In slightly happier Comic Con stuff, an exhaustive gallery of some awesome cosplay. (Don’t forget to check out Hilary’s roundup here on Geekquality!)
  • Do the characters in the new animated movie Turbo fall into long-held Latin@ stereotypes?
  • 12 Reasons why House Hufflepuff is bad-ass, a list. Aside from #9, a solid list.
  • Amandla Stenberg, who captured our hearts as Rue in Hunger Games, is well-spoken and all around amazing in her interview with Rookie.
  • We miss Joan and Sherlock and can’t wait for them to come back. In the meantime, we can all listen to the full Elementary theme.
  • Re-imagining your favorite characters in a drastically different time period isn’t new, but here are some recent clever ones.
  • 7th grade STEM Ninjas develop bio-fuels to win the eCYBERMISSION challenge.
  • Have you ever wondered what a tree actually sounds like? Thanks to some genius at work, with tree rings hooked up to a record player and translated into piano music, now you know!
  • Buzzfeed continues to surprise us with their coverage of politics, social justice, and diversity. Check out their great photo post celebrating Black lady geeks.
  • A 97 year old man uses MS Paint to make really stunning art. On a machine running Windows 95. Oh, and he is legally blind due to wet macular degeneration.
  • Bob Marley said, “Football is freedom.” Watch this short but awesome clip of the music legend kicking a soccer ball around quite expertly.
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