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A New Ms. Marvel Introduced!

Brace yourself, Internet: Marvel Comics has announced a new superhero. 16-year-old Kamala Khan will be taking the mantle of Ms. Marvel, formerly owned by Carol Danvers. Danvers has since moved on to take the name of Captain Marvel, leaving the moniker … Continue reading

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Jumping Down from the Fence: Facing Problems in Gaming Culture

Gaming culture is going through some awkward growing pains right now. It’s disappointing that we had to drag it out from under the covers and push it out the door for it to happen, but subcultures are nothing if not … Continue reading

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Nerdlesque: The Geeks Shall Inherit Sexy Dancing

(This article originally appeared on KQED Pop.) The other day as I was breaking my rule about not reading comments on the internet, I ended up following a pretty heated back and forth about the differences between introverts and extroverts, … Continue reading

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