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What Shipping Richonne Taught Me About Racism

This blog post originally appeared on Black Girl Nerds, and it is being cross-posted here with permission. (And some slight edits when referring to the show, since it ran a week ago and we don’t want to make things confusing.) … Continue reading

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A New Ms. Marvel Introduced!

Brace yourself, Internet: Marvel Comics has announced a new superhero. 16-year-old Kamala Khan will be taking the mantle of Ms. Marvel, formerly owned by Carol Danvers. Danvers has since moved on to take the name of Captain Marvel, leaving the moniker … Continue reading

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This One’s For the Purple People: Why Writing POC in NYC Shouldn’t Be Hard

So by now, everyone knows that Lena Dunham’s Girls hit the Golden Globe jackpot and is now in its second season. Cool, great, whatever you’re into. Eat a cake in the tub to celebrate on your own time, that’s not … Continue reading

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Outcast by the Outcast: Tim Burton’s Racial Blindness

I’d like you to take a look at a video: This is the first TV spot for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, the director’s most recent release that’s by all accounts imaginative and full of heart. It is a full-length, stop-motion remake of … Continue reading

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In Defense of Cute: The Mindy Project

A lot of us are excited for Mindy Kaling’s new show, The Mindy Project, both because Mindy Kaling is hilarious and because we’re looking forward to a new prime-time sitcom featuring a smart, successful, and funny woman of color. The … Continue reading

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Manic Pixie Dream Exhaustion

You guys, I just can’t anymore. I am tired of all these movies and TV series showcasing what has come to be known as the MPDG (Manic Pixie Dream Girl) aka Ol Quirky Bastard aka Ghostface Quinoa aka DJ Sheer … Continue reading

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Supersonic: Third Wave Feminism and the Importance of the “Hard Femme”-Cee

It’s a widely accepted idea that music, like fashion, social movements, and menstruation, runs in cycles. Sometimes this theory runs less true than others, but right now I think it’s pretty applicable. Because right now, in the year of our … Continue reading

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In The Blood: Commander William Adama on a Lifetime of Fighting

The following was originally published for The Delphi Oracle Lifestlye Section and is cross-posted with permission from the author.  Rigus Galen Martius 20, YR00 “Intersun Charter 1133, maintain your heading on approach to the port-side flight pod.  Welcome to the Battlestar … Continue reading

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A chat with Justin Simien & Lena Waithe of Dear White People

We’ve mentioned previously on the site just how excited we are about Dear White People. The project speaks for itself, as you can tell from the trailer, and it’s obvious that it’s exactly the sort of indie film making that … Continue reading

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Just Trust Me On This One: Why Monica Rambeau Needs To Be In The Next Avengers Movie

I’ve said it before, and I will continue to shout it from the mountaintops: Monica Rambeau needs to be in the next Avengers movie. The Avengers is one of the hottest movies of the summer and there’s already talk and … Continue reading

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When pop culture doesn’t love you back

This guest post is written by Miranda, a Filipino Australian with a Texan accent who’s used to having confused strangers wonder where she’s from. She likes terrible puns, melting cheese on everything, and long walks by the beach while discussing comic … Continue reading

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Latino Audiences, Hollywood, and Pixar’s Día de los Muertos Movie

This guest post is written by Jazmine, a Houston, Texas native and a New Orleans transplant. She works in non-profit communications when she isn’t obsessively checking Twitter and Tumblr for all things social justice, geeky, and pop culture. As problematic as … Continue reading

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Watching Our Media Diet: Pop Culture and Racism

This post is written by our newest guest contributor, Gray. She is a queer social justice advocate living in the SF Bay Area, who muses on pop culture and disturbs the peace on her Tumblr.  When tragedy strikes, I pray … Continue reading

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Why Cultural Sensitivity Matters, or A Love Letter to Avatar

It’s a rarity to find a person who has watched Avatar: The Last Airbender and not fallen in love with the series. The show has been praised for its exceptional plot and character development, as well as its attention to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Amandla Stenberg and the Hating Haters Who Hate Her

Can we take a moment to bow our heads in memory of the late Whitney Houston and her hit single “The Greatest Love Of All” which I have been playing on a loop a) because it’s Thursday and b) because … Continue reading

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