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Who Wants to Help a Whovian?

Please say hello to Ritch, guys! Ritch is an all around awesome blogger, who flippin’ loves Doctor Who. In fact, that’s how we were introduced in the first place. “Alice, do you know Ritch? He LOVES Doctor Who!” Ritch has … Continue reading

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In The Blood: Commander William Adama on a Lifetime of Fighting

The following was originally published for The Delphi Oracle Lifestlye Section and is cross-posted with permission from the author.  Rigus Galen Martius 20, YR00 “Intersun Charter 1133, maintain your heading on approach to the port-side flight pod.  Welcome to the Battlestar … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Inn at the Crossroads + A Giveaway!

Probably the only thing that rivals my love of a good book is the love of food. I’ve done my share of kitchen experiments, with some results (a 3-course traditional Russian dinner, or a boozy apple pie with a cheddar crust) … Continue reading

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