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Race, Vigilantism, & Zombies In Wes Craven’s The People Under The Stairs

This post first appeared on Graveyard Shift Sisters and is cross-posted here with permission. The site’s motto is “Purging The Black Female Horror Fan From The Margins” and you can also follow along on Twitter @GraveyardSister. Horror’s true effectiveness is … Continue reading

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Grief and Motherhood in The Babadook

Snap Synopsis: A widowed mom tries to hold it together when she realizes her son’s night terrors might be real. Trigger Warning: The dog dies. Sleep is one of the absolute necessities needed for survival; you might be able to last … Continue reading

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Forget Chucky, Here’s… Annabelle!

Snap Synopsis: That scary ass doll from The Conjuring got her own movie. Fuck everything. “Oh, SHIT!” Moments: Everything. Trigger Warnings: Violence against a pregnant woman. Like clowns, dolls are a common thing that makes people uncomfortable and creeped out. … Continue reading

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The Virgin’s Revenge and Moral Dichotomy in Arang

Arang (2006) Directed by Ahn Sang-hoon TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of rape and traumatic pregnancy. Arang was the first horror movie where I rooted for the ghost. Certainly, it was the first ghost flick that really showed me what a good … Continue reading

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