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Pitch & Sleepy Hollow

I have baseball on the brain. Really badly. That doesn’t mean anything though, until you consider that I know nothing about baseball and have never had any sort of interest in the sport. Until Fox’s Pitch, that is. When Fox … Continue reading

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Oh, the Horror! Movies to Look Forward To

It can be easy to fall into a rut with horror, because… horror. Lately, all the mainstream flicks that have been hitting theaters have all been kind of “meh” for me. Not all is lost though, as my appetite for … Continue reading

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My Top 10 “Smulder” Moments

As can be witnessed in my previous post about The X-Files, I tend to fawn and gush over my favorite OTP, Mulder and Scully. Before, I touched on the soulful foundation of their relationship. This here list is an unabashed dedication to the … Continue reading

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Grief and Motherhood in The Babadook

Snap Synopsis: A widowed mom tries to hold it together when she realizes her son’s night terrors might be real. Trigger Warning: The dog dies. Sleep is one of the absolute necessities needed for survival; you might be able to last … Continue reading

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Forget Chucky, Here’s… Annabelle!

Snap Synopsis: That scary ass doll from The Conjuring got her own movie. Fuck everything. “Oh, SHIT!” Moments: Everything. Trigger Warnings: Violence against a pregnant woman. Like clowns, dolls are a common thing that makes people uncomfortable and creeped out. … Continue reading

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Bloody Reunion

(This is part of Lois’ The Psyche of the Revenge Film review series.) Without waxing sentimental, let’s acknowledge that teachers have a long term impact on our upbringing and adult character. Sometimes, though, horrible people can hold such positions of authority … Continue reading

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Deliver Us From Evil (and Fake Bronx Accents)

Snap Synopsis: Buddy cop movie, except one is a Bronx cop and the other a priest. “OH, SHIT!” Moments: Don’t trust birds. Don’t trust dolls. Definitely don’t trust bird dolls. Trigger Warning: One graphic instance of animal cruelty. There’s nothing quite like an … Continue reading

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Oculus: Or, Why I Was Right to be Scared of Mirrors

Official Synopsis: A brother and sister reunite 11 years after a tragedy in order to destroy the evil mirror responsible for the death of their parents. Snap Synopsis: HAUNTED MIRROR. NOPE. “OH SHIT!” Moments: Lost track. Just never buy antiques or … Continue reading

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Fantastic Four Chat

When the cast of the Fantastic Four remake was announced, we were really – really – excited because not only should Michael B. Jordan should be in All the Things (have you seen Fruitvale Station yet?), but it’s also really … Continue reading

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My Horror Movie Dream Team

There’s an art to surviving in a horror film. It used to be as simple as “the virgin lives”, but the rules have changed with audience demands and production values. The goody-goody from next door doesn’t always get to make … Continue reading

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The X-Files Guide to Relationships

(This post originally ran on July 12, 2012, but we are bumping it up in honor of The X-Files’ 20th birthday. Tell us about your favorite X-Files episode in the comments!) Surprise! (Or not?) To me, FBI agents Fox Mulder … Continue reading

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The Feminine Mystique: Brienne of Tarth

When it comes to George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire universe, there’s a hard and fast rule to play by: don’t get attached to anyone. At one point or another, your favorite is most likely going to … Continue reading

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A Mid-Season Look at Mindy

We’ve been on The Mindy Project train since Day One, ready to set the haters straight ever since the first season of Mindy Kaling’s new show kicked off last fall. A lot of the initial push-back involved Kaling trying to break into … Continue reading

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Redheads Have I Loved: An Ode

My fascination with redheads, while not as powerful as that special bond between the British and Prince Harry, has been around since childhood. There is just something about lustrous red hair – kissed by fire! Instead of waxing creepily about … Continue reading

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The Descent: A horror movie that broke the Bechdel Test

When it comes to interesting roles for women in horror movies, it’s slim pickings. If they are the leading characters, it’s because they’re the target of a male gaze gone terribly wrong (stalking, haunting, hunting), or they’re on a revenge … Continue reading

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