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Oh, the Horror! Movies to Look Forward To

It can be easy to fall into a rut with horror, because… horror. Lately, all the mainstream flicks that have been hitting theaters have all been kind of “meh” for me. Not all is lost though, as my appetite for … Continue reading

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Deliver Us From Evil (and Fake Bronx Accents)

Snap Synopsis: Buddy cop movie, except one is a Bronx cop and the other a priest. “OH, SHIT!” Moments: Don’t trust birds. Don’t trust dolls. Definitely don’t trust bird dolls. Trigger Warning: One graphic instance of animal cruelty. There’s nothing quite like an … Continue reading

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“Death Comes in Many Strange Packages”: Tales from the Hood as a Socially Conscious Horror Film

This post originally appeared on Persephone Magazine. It is cross-posted here with editorial permission. As a child, I watched a lot of horror movies. We were poor and could rarely afford to go to the theater to see new films. But, … Continue reading

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My Horror Movie Dream Team

There’s an art to surviving in a horror film. It used to be as simple as “the virgin lives”, but the rules have changed with audience demands and production values. The goody-goody from next door doesn’t always get to make … Continue reading

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The Psyche of the Revenge Film: A Series by Lois Payne

Here’s a bit of trivia about yours truly: my Netflix queue is stocked with revenge and horror films. There’s nothing quite as cathartic at the end of a bad day like retreating into my room and watching a movie where … Continue reading

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