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What Shipping Richonne Taught Me About Racism

This blog post originally appeared on Black Girl Nerds, and it is being cross-posted here with permission. (And some slight edits when referring to the show, since it ran a week ago and we don’t want to make things confusing.) … Continue reading

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Late Night Chat: The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

Lois and Moxie had a water cooler chat about Sunday night’s The Walking Dead, because they’re just SO MUCH to say. Obviously: Spoilers and salty language lie ahead. Join in with your thoughts on the mid-season finale in the comments.

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Enter Michonne: a New Day for The Walking Dead

Glory Hallelujah, praise be. It has finally come to pass. Michonne. Michonne, to whom I now affix all hopes of salvaging this wreck of sweat and stupidity called The Walking Dead. I’ve been waiting for Michonne to come save those … Continue reading

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Dating the Chinaman: Why Glenn and Maggie Matter

At this point, I’m starting to no longer be a fan of that AMC show where a bunch of fools stand around being unlikable and ridiculous, i.e. The Walking Dead. To say that I have a lot of words and … Continue reading

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Aren’t U 486?: Or What To Expect When You’re Expecting Zombies

This post originally appeared on our companion Tumblr. Rick Grimes, why are you actually the worst person on the Earth? I think zombies eat more brains than you even have. Do you breathe air or do you just subsist on … Continue reading

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