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Solo Quiero Caminar: The all-female answer to Ocean’s 11

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a mindless popcorn heist movie. The best heist movies are stylish, like Ocean’s 11, and successfully pull one over on the audience with a last minute twist. Despite the wildly inaccurate Netflix description, … Continue reading

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Supersonic: Third Wave Feminism and the Importance of the “Hard Femme”-Cee

It’s a widely accepted idea that music, like fashion, social movements, and menstruation, runs in cycles. Sometimes this theory runs less true than others, but right now I think it’s pretty applicable. Because right now, in the year of our … Continue reading

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The Avengers, Commercials, and the Gendering of Children’s Toys

Needless to say, I loved The Avengers. It was hard to believe they packed that much awesome in one movie. The action sequences were great, the balance between the different characters was well done, and I particularly enjoyed the touches that … Continue reading

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On Race, Feminism, and Jodie Landon

I loved Daria growing up, which really isn’t that big of a surprise because who didn’t love Daria, right? At the time, the show was exactly what I needed to cope with middle school (and life in general). Daria was … Continue reading

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