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Combat Zombie Fatigue with More Zombies!

Admittedly, the zombie niche is super saturated and requires wading through trash, but the few gems of brilliance you find shine ever so brightly. So, we’ve put together a few of our absolute favorite zombie offerings, so you don’t have … Continue reading

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Dealing with Online Social Justice Burn-Out

It was great to meet so many lovely people who came to our panel at Geek Girl Con and I only wish we could have spoken more in-depth. (50 minutes can only cover so much.) One point in particular that … Continue reading

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The Betrayal of Women in Bedevilled

Before I start, you need to know this about Bedevilled, aside from massive trigger warnings of violence, sexual assault, betrayal (you name it): this movie is a gutwrencher. The first half of the movie sets the stage with cruel and … Continue reading

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The Virgin’s Revenge and Moral Dichotomy in Arang

Arang (2006) Directed by Ahn Sang-hoon TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of rape and traumatic pregnancy. Arang was the first horror movie where I rooted for the ghost. Certainly, it was the first ghost flick that really showed me what a good … Continue reading

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The Psyche of the Revenge Film: A Series by Lois Payne

Here’s a bit of trivia about yours truly: my Netflix queue is stocked with revenge and horror films. There’s nothing quite as cathartic at the end of a bad day like retreating into my room and watching a movie where … Continue reading

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On Race, Feminism, and Jodie Landon

I loved Daria growing up, which really isn’t that big of a surprise because who didn’t love Daria, right? At the time, the show was exactly what I needed to cope with middle school (and life in general). Daria was … Continue reading

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There Are No Heroes Left for Sansa Stark

This post contains some plot development mentions, so if you haven’t finished Season 1 of Game of Thrones/haven’t read the first two books, you may see spoilers. Everyone has a special character they hold as a litmus test to gauge how decent … Continue reading

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Enter Michonne: a New Day for The Walking Dead

Glory Hallelujah, praise be. It has finally come to pass. Michonne. Michonne, to whom I now affix all hopes of salvaging this wreck of sweat and stupidity called The Walking Dead. I’ve been waiting for Michonne to come save those … Continue reading

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Suspended Belief: a Guide to Watching K-Drama

With Hulu’s recent release of a cache of Korean dramas, I’ve been delightedly revisiting some old guilty pleasures that help me bond, on an existential level, with other Korean women across the world. The K-drama is an art form that … Continue reading

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The Woman in Black: Waistcoats, Moors, and Ghosts, oh my!

Official Synopsis: A young lawyer travels to a remote village for work, only to discover that a vengeful ghost of a Woman in Black is terrorizing the locals. Snap Synopsis: Bleak House meets The Grudge. “OH SHIT!” Moments: three in … Continue reading

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Like What You See? Write for Us!

Kat Farrell, Spider Jerusalem, and Lois Lane get the scoop While we at Geekquality come from a variety of different backgrounds as women and geeks, we’re aware that we can’t possibly cover and address everyone’s unique experiences – to assume … Continue reading

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Dating the Chinaman: Why Glenn and Maggie Matter

At this point, I’m starting to no longer be a fan of that AMC show where a bunch of fools stand around being unlikable and ridiculous, i.e. The Walking Dead. To say that I have a lot of words and … Continue reading

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